Here's my 2nd 2D game, a retro space shooter. I put a lot of love into this one. Your mission is to destroy an alien mothership and repel an all out invasion of Earth. No pressure!

Use arrow keys to move. Hold space to shoot.

Note: When you get a weapon powerup, and also when the powerup expires, you will have to let off and re-press Spacebar. There's also a 0.1 second cooldown before you can start firing again to prevent an exploit.

Your feedback is welcome. :)

Update 4-3-17: Made some changes to the asteroids to make that sequence shorter but a bit more challenging.

Enemy Damage Sound credit to AlienXXX @

Boss Music credit to Ville Nousiainen

Thanks to the Udemy course "Learn to Code by Making Games" for getting me started.

Made withUnity
Tags16-bit, Space
Average sessionAbout a half-hour

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